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CEB Provides schools, children, and partners with a welcoming environment

CEB tenants have more than just office space. Organizations at CEB are part of an ecosystem of programs and services. Mission-driven organizations deserve access to conveniently located, secure, facilities without taking away from their program budget. CEB empowers organizations to focus on delivering their missions in an affordable, state-of-the art building in the heart of Wilmington. CEB is home to four schools serving over 1,500 kindergarten through college age students and mission-aligned community organizations. Each of our partner schools have dedicated space outfitted specifically to meet their schools’ educational needs, and access to shared space that are possible through our collaborative model. CEB’s beautiful, state-of-the-art building includes a large, shared library and learning commons, multipurpose rooms for events, health and wellness center, playground, and a Family Resource Center complete with a food pantry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Located in the heart of Wilmington, the CEB provides a turnkey, walk-in ready school facility. Tenants share 280,000 square feet of space for classrooms, a cafeteria, music and dance rooms, an indoor play area, conference rooms, teacher collaboration room, full-service library, and a wellness center.

Access to an off-site gymnasium is provided by a partnership with the Walnut Street YMCA. An outdoor play area is located just one block away on property leased from Elwyn Delaware.  

The CEB also provides its tenants with free parking for staff and guests.

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Current Programs


Wave is designed to address the inequity of learning opportunities, to provide students with academic and social-emotional support, to reduce dropout rates, and to spark

Rise to Thrive

Rise to Thrive students receive an advocate who provides individualized support and accountability for each student’s academic and social emotional success, coordinates services with other


Families Achieving More (FAM) helps families thrive by supporting 5 key domains of wellbeing and empowering them to support their children’s success in school and