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Providing Holistic Support Together

CEB is a unique education community. CEB leads a placed based collaborative that supports families and students through authentic, comprehensive collaboration across a wide-ranging network of partners within the building and the larger Wilmington community.

Our students are proof of the power of partnership

Students are more frequently asking for help when they need it
Students are better at resolving conflict
Students can better manage stress and effectively adapt to transition
High School students graduated with a post-secondary pathway


Collaboration at the cEB

Barriers to equitable education impact our whole community and can’t be solved by one organization alone. CEB is an educational nonprofit providing direct wraparound services to students and their families in Wilmington. But we are much more than that. We are a unique education community.

Collaborative Vision

Our students make the world a better place.

Collaborative Mission

We at the CEB, create a community environment to educate, inspire, and support students for success.

Core Value

The CEB is an Open, Inclusive and Collaborative Community, one built on Integrity where the Empowerment of Students, Families and Colleagues is the cornerstone of all we are and do.






Empowerment of others

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A school with a heart at Kuumba, our mission is to provide an innovative learning environment focused on the whole child. Kuumba Academy directors, staff, and parents share a core belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. We believe that every child can maximize his or her learning potential if given the opportunity to do so.

We believe that success is achievable for every child. We provide high-quality, college-preparatory education for students in middle and high school. We supplement academics with a unique youth mentoring model and a diverse set of after-school enrichment programs. Great Oaks – Wilmington is building tomorrow’s leaders. We love our community.

Since 2004, High Road School of Delaware has been serving students by providing an intensive, structured, individualized special education program aimed at strengthening each student’s academic and organizational skills, social and emotional abilities, sense of responsibility, job skills, and self-esteem. Our goal is to get our students to the point where they can successfully reenter comprehensive schools and the community.

The University of Delaware Associate in Arts Program (AAP) is a two-year degree program that offers UD courses, taught exclusively by UD faculty, in small classes at the Community Education Building in Wilmington, and on Delaware Tech campuses in Dover and Georgetown. AAP students complete the core courses required of all UD undergrads to receive their associate degree, then make a seamless transition to the Newark campus to complete their four-year degree. Tuition is free for students who are eligible for the Delaware SEED Scholarship.

Teensharp was founded in 2009 to increase underrepresented students’ access to college and develop student-leaders who are successful, high-achieving, and reaching potential (SHARP).

Our mission as an organization is to serve our neighbors as expert, caring partners in their health. We do this by creating innovative, effective, affordable and equitable systems of care that our neighbors value. This is our promise to you. We call it The ChristianaCare Way.

Teach For America Delaware leverages national resources from Teach For America and our local network to prepare educators to best meet the needs of Delaware’s students and communities. We are working collectively to realize the day when every child has an equal opportunity to learn, lead, thrive, and co-create a future filled with possibility. Delaware’s landscape provides a unique experience for Teach For America alumni to engage in all aspects of education, from classroom instruction to school leadership to the development of education policy at the local and state level.

At DiAE, our mission is to enhance the quality of education in Delaware by delivering arts-integrated, multicultural experiences to students of all ages…inspiring the artist within.

For over 5 years, Network Connect’s founders have been working together to serve hundreds of youth in the community. Since officially incorporating and receiving 501(c)3 status in 2019, Network Connect has proved its ability to provide a highly effective youth employment program, even with limited funding and staff, and during a global pandemic. The success of the Future Culture Creators program can be highlighted by the accomplishments of the participants, who excelled even during quarantine restrictions and were able to provide important services for their peers.

We envision a world filled with: Imaginative, confident young people who believe in their unique talents, intelligence and unlimited possibility. We co-create youth programs that energize kids to love learning, play wildly, and believe in the power of their unique talents.

Code Differently provides hands on training and education through coding classes that gives participants the technical and cognitive skills they need to excel in technology-driven workplaces.



In addition to the partners within our building, CEB takes pride in fostering strong relationships with a large community of network partners. We can ‘t do it all and we can’t do it alone, but together we create a sum greater than its individual parts.