Directory of Philanthropy

The Director of Philanthropy reports to the Chief Strategy Officer and directs the fundraising efforts for the Community Education Building (CEB). With a primary focus on the donor experience, the Director of Philanthropy serves to build an increasingly strong and diverse network of local, regional, and national investors, and increase financial investment in the CEB […]

Family Advocate

The Family Advocate at the Community Education Building (CEB) acts as a liaison between parents and family resource support and family education programs (FAM programs). In addition to supporting a small cohort of students with critical support needs, the Family Advocate is responsible for being the main liaison between all students serving CEB staff and […]

Behavioral Health Counselor

The licensed Behavioral Health Counselor at the Community Education Building Family Resource Center plays a vital role in supporting the emotional and mental well-being of individuals and families within the community. This position requires a valid license and the ability to provide counseling, assessment, and intervention services. 

Case Manager Career Navigator

The Case Manager/Career Navigator assists clients with reducing or eliminating barriers to gainful and stable employment. The ideal candidate will have experience and proven success works with participants to assess personal strengths, navigate educational and workforce options, and develop individualized plans to achieve educational goals, develop work readiness competencies, find work-based experiences, and secure and […]

CEB Employment Application

Interested in joining the CEB Team? Please complete this employment application and return it to or you can bring it to the CEB Front Desk at 1200 N. French St., Wilmington, DE 19801.